• Stoya on Why Las Vegas and Megachurches Are the Pinnacle of Human Achievement

    Humans are by no means the only animal that engages in behaviors which do nothing to directly contribute to the survival of the individual or species as a whole. However, we do seem to do it harder than any other creature.

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    Monica og hendes mor Jessica har taget begrebet "familieforetagende" til helt nye højder.

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    It's not that often that you see a mother and her offspring gargling semen next to each other. But it's totally not weird because they don't have any sexual contact, right?

  • Breaking into Porn on Purpose

    Director/writer Martha Washington is a cog in the massive, thick, throbbing, veiny adult film machine. I met her when I worked as a porn blogger, before I left the industry to pursue employment with far fewer tits. We recently got together to discuss...

  • Andy San Dimas

    This 25-year-old porn star is happy when she sees a normal-sized dick.

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    When she tries to maneuver a dildo around her vagina it's basically like a deaf and blind person tracing FOOD THANK YOU BYE or something on someone’s hand.