pot brownies

  • Don't Feed Your Teachers Pot Brownies, Even if They Ask Nicely

    A teen at Broadneck High School in Maryland was ​snacking on a pot brownie during his third period class yesterday ​when his teacher asked for a bite. The student, presumably high as hell on dank kush, obliged her.

  • Science Says Weed Makes Food Taste and Smell Better

    Anyone who's ever smoked a joint knows that weed can make you ravenously hungry. But why? According to recent research, THC can make your brain smell and taste food far more acutely while high—meaning there's a scientific basis for the munchies.

  • I Went to a Yoga Class for Stoners

    I tried "420 Yoga" in Los Angeles, where we listened to Tupac, pretended to be trees, and enjoyed being baked together.