Powell Peralta

  • What It's Like to Be a Skateboard Team Manager

    We had a chat with Deville Nunes, Powell-Peralta team manager and photographer of the best rock-and-roll of all time.

  • Animal Chin Changed Skateboarding Three Times

    I watched The Search for Animal Chin for the billionth time recently and nothing changed. The dialog was still goofy, the acting awkward, and the “plot” scattered. But that’s OK. We’re not talking about auteur cinema here; it’s a fucking skate video...

  • Pure Fun Was the Epitome of 90s Skateboarding Zines

    While most of us were fumbling around with glue sticks for the first time, Larry Ransom was in Lockport, New York, knocking it out of the park with Pure Fun. The zine is exactly what its title promises: Kids from some town fucking around, posing for...