• The Gringo's Guide to Drinking in Oaxaca

    Oaxaca City lies at the epicenter of Mexico's burgeoning mezcal industry. But mezcal is only one of the many intoxicants available, and we wanted to try them all.

  • This Woman Is Brewing Some of Mexico's Freshest Illegal Pulque

    South of Mexico city, Doña Cande maintains the robust tradition of brewing pulque, a potent, milky-white agave beverage.

  • Mexican Pulque Is the Original Boozy Energy Drink

    Researchers have found evidence of pulque, a viscous booze made from maguey plants that looks a lot like bodily fluids, among ancient amphorae in Mexico. People weren't just getting drunk—they were drinking it to survive.

  • Miserable Flooding Is a Fact of Life in Mexico City’s Impoverished Borough

    In poorer areas such as Iztapalapa, the rudimentary drainage systems are simply no match for the rainy season and extreme flooding.

  • The Enigma of Pulque

    I've written quite a bit about pulque in passing. But in all the years that I've known about the ancient Mexican "drink of the gods," I've never been as stumped by it (as a subject) as the time not too long ago when a reader asked me to describe its...

  • The Enigma of Pulque

    Pulque is one of Mexico's oldest, iconic alcoholic beverages made from fermented agave. It looks like semen and has the texture of boogers, but it tastes like pure magic.

  • A Neo-Aztec in Mexico City

    In Mexico City, Aztec culture is not just scattered ruins, jade masks hung in museums, or 'concheros' dressed in colorful feathers dancing and offering to pose with tourists in the city’s main plaza. The “race of bronze” can still be seen in the faces...