Roy in Hollywood

  • Roy Is a Hero

    Roy is back on Earth after a long stint in Hell, but things aren't that much better on land than they were in the depths of Hades.

  • Roy Makes Friends With Adolf Hitler and Richard Speck

    In this exciting comic by Gilbert "Beto" Hernandez, his titular hero meets other denizens of Hell.

  • Hell Is Gilbert Hernandez

    Roy is still in hell, and now he's stuck having to hear Gilbert Hernandez talk about himself.

  • Hell Is Metallica's Music

    Roy's in hell and the demons are poking him, showering him in shit, and making him listen to Metallica.

  • Roy in Hell

    Roy died from a heroin overdose and now he's in the afterlife with a familiar clown.

  • Roy Fails to Maintain

    Roy gets super high and ODs.

  • Roy Does All the Drugs

    Roy in Hollywood is a gateway comic to other great comics by the legendary and super talented Gilbert Hernandez.

  • Roy and Judith Make a Movie

    Roy and his friend Judith are attempting to make a movie but everyone is fucking with them.

  • Roy's Golden Adventures Under the Earth

    Roy was stuck under the Earth for several weeks and then turned into a golden statue, but he's all right now. Read the latest comic by award-winning comic book genius and legend Gilbert "Beto" Hernandez.

  • Meet Judith

    Judith has returned to Roy's life and she has some dramatic news. Roy is still recovering from his spill last week.

  • The Top Five Comics of 2014

    Cartoonist Alex Schubert shares his list of the top five comics he didn't draw in 2014.

  • Roy Can Do Everything Because He Is a Comic Book Character

    This week, Roy comes to grips with his existence as a comic strip character with the aid of his cartoon pal the Little Stunt Boy.