• Saunas Are Finland's Best Diplomatic Weapon

    This may sound like a quirky tradition only suited to the frozen forests of northern Europe, but what Finland is doing seems to be working. Have you ever read about anyone getting pissed off at Finland? Maybe, if our politicians and diplomats got naked...

  • Eating Whale Steaks at Norway's Gorgeous Træna Music Festival

    Everyone’s got a great sauna story, right? I’m sitting in the hold of a whaling ship on the cusp of the Arctic Circle, where the Norwegian Sea borders the North Atlantic, telling mine. I'm on my way to the 11th annual Træna Festival, the remotest of...

  • The Gay Sex Club Next to the Vatican Is the Saddest Place on Earth

    I wandered through a dark maze of long hallways leading to more doors—one of them was open, revealing a fat hairy dude lying on a bed jacking off to porn that sounded like Tim Allen screaming at his kids on 'Home Improvement.' I had entered the Bear...