VICE Today

  • Learn Manners, History, and the Secrets of Auto-Tune the News

    Find out how the Gregory Brothers and Auto-Tune the News became such a success, learn how to be a gentlemen from a bearded blowhard, and see how much New Yorkers really know about Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • The Top Five Things YouTube Taught Me

    To celebrate the launch of our new show, we thought we'd round up our favorite things about YouTube. For one, you can hear Steven Seagal saying crazy shit whenever you want.

  • Drake, Funny Videos, and Summer Love

    Find out what Drake's been up to lately, watch the funniest videos on the internet, and learn the secrets of summer love.

  • I Joined Three Cults Simultaneously

    VICE made me join three cults for this issue: Adidam, the Moonies, and Aleph. Since Adidam tops the list of "controversial groups" at cult watchdog Rick Ross's website, I figured it'd be the best place to start.