Volume 13 Issue 4

  • Can Anyone Actually Understand Why Hideo Kojima Is Leaving Konami?

    According to widespread rumors, the developer is going to part ways with its most famous auteur, but from the outside this move makes very little sense.

  • Russian Cocktails

    “In America, you drink vodka. But in Soviet Russia…vodka drinks you.” —Yakov Smirnoff, comic genius

  • Full Metal Torture

    Over the recent New Year's holidays, Private Andrei Sychyov's superiors tied him to a chair and beat him continuously for hours and hours, taking breaks only to sustain their drinking binge.

  • Vice Fashion - Mail-Order Brides

    The real Russia is in provincial cities and towns like Tver, where we found these girls. They are all members of a local bridal agency (tverromance.com) and would like to marry you.

  • Bribing With Blue Jeans

    Just how valuable ARE a pair of old black Levi's 550s and a fresh roll of Kleenex-brand two-ply toilet paper to today's deprived Muscovites? I recently hit the fanciest nightclubs in town to see how far I could get on the real cultural currency of...

  • Over The Counter Habits

    The FSB (which is like the FBI but waaaay scarier) gassed the “Nord-Ost” hostages with it in October 2002 to prevent some Chechen mujahadeen from blowing the building up with 900 or so hostages inside. The women and children simply OD’d on the stuff...

  • Vice Fashion - Homesick

    In 2004 Chechens took siege of a Beslan school and killed and injured up to 1000 people. There are about 1 million street kids in Moscow, infant death in Armenia is 36 to every 1000 and procreating close to Chernobyl is risky for the next 3 million...

  • Whores On Wheels

    Moscow is awash in whores. They come to Russia's capital, the lone island of wealth in a Eurasian ocean of wretched poverty, from all over the former Soviet Union.

  • Literary Gulag

    Edward Limonov is the leader of the National-Bolsheviks Party, a radical left-wing movement that was outlawed by the Russian Supreme Court, but which has emerged as the leading opposition to President Putin. The NBP’s membership numbers in the...

  • Dooms Day Metal

    Does it make any sense to even try to explain what has gone wrong with Death Metal? I see you scratching your bleached hair going "Huh!? Metal still rawks man!"

  • Vice Pictures - Jerry Hsu Goes To Russia

    I flew into Moscow alone. After the 14-hour flight I got to stand in an immigration line for three hours while hundreds of Russians cut in front of me. They are the world’s greatest cutters.

  • Gross Jar

    If you’re a guy in high school and completely surrounded by jocks and dogmatic straight-edgers, it’s fine to take a year or two off to dabble in acid and not be stressed out all the time.