• A Muslim's Adventures in Pork

    Although my family was never terribly religious, I was brought up Muslim enough to not eat pork. Several years ago, I broke with this tradition. I was doing boring freelance writing and wanted to create a personal project that would be both interesting...

  • Shoob the Weed Snatcher

    Asking a stranger for a hit usually leads not only to stonedness but also to conversation and new acquaintances. I'm the sort that shares weed without a caveat. That's why it's especially unsettling when one friend accuses another of being a sneak.

  • Jummy's Infinite Stash

    In retrospect, my mom was probably right about Jummy being a bad influence. One summer, he always had weed. I had no clue where it came from, but Jummy said I could continue smoking it without smoking him out in return if I never asked him where he got...