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Auckland Woman Finds $3 Million Worth of Cocaine Washed Up on a Beach

She'd been walking her dogs, she said, and naturally the dogs "tried to mark it as theirs."
Gavin Butler

New Zealand Is Burning Out a Generation of Young Artists

The country is being praised for their “wellbeing” budget, which measures quality of life alongside money. But artists are still feeling the impact of funding cuts that have made it seemingly impossible to forge a fair living as a creative.
Amanda Jane Robinson
News of Zealand

Vigils Planned Across New Zealand For Grace Millane

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern summed up the nation's state of mind after the 22-year-old's murder as one of "hurt and shame".
Zoe Madden-Smith
News of Zealand

The Needle-Contaminated Strawberries Terrorising Australia Have Turned Up in Auckland

Choice brand strawberries have since been pulled from all Countdown and Foodstuff outlets.
Zoe Madden-Smith
Sex With Sam

Sex with Sam: We Go Inside Auckland's Sex Dungeon

"It’s universal! Assholes transcend gender."
Alisha Siraj
Noisey Hitlist

Princess Chelsea Writes DIY Pop Songs That Subvert the Rules

Today we’re premiering the Auckland musician’s new track and video “I Love My Boyfriend.”
Daisy Jones

This 85-Year-Old Woman Teaches Injured Penguins to Swim

Dawn lessons for survival at an Auckland beach.
Tess McClure

Prepare for the Return of Early New Zealand Punks Proud Scum

A chat with vocalist Jonathan Jamrag ahead of the band's first gig in 10 years.
Tim Scott
Garage Magazine

New Zealand's Young Artists are Fighting Anti-Millennialism

Are millennials equally lost and lamentable the world over? A recent trio of forward-looking exhibitions in New Zealand suggests that youth remains a truly international—and consistently problematic—art-world obsession.
Lana Lopesi

Magic Factory Play the Music You Find On Tapes in Truck Stop Parking Lots

Close your eyes and think New Zealand Lynyrd Skynyrd, open them and see Magic Factory.
Martyn Pepperell
music video premiere

Watch Bespin’s Hypnotic Video That Features Loincloths and a Blood-Tub

Apparently running through a forest in your jocks all night can take a toll.
Noisey Staff
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Auckland Police Make Arrests in Synthetic Cannabis Raid

Tuesday's police operation saw three people arrested and a "significant" amount of the drug seized.
James Borrowdale