How I Lost Myself to India's Chemsex Scene and Overdosed, But Survived to Tell the Story

Inside the dark world of drug-fuelled sex parties where an increasing number of gay Indians want to feel belonged, drug abuse is more than just a health hazard.
Sadam Hanjabam
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Crystal Meth Is the Hottest Gift in North Korea This Lunar New Year

Illegal drugs are a popular present when it comes to birthdays, graduations, and holidays in North Korea.
Gavin Butler

Malaysian Men Have a Dangerous Obsession with a Coffee That Gives Them Erections

Some hard facts about a growing problem.
Lee Lian Kong
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DEA Nabs $1 Million-Worth of Meth Disguised as Dick Candles

There were also some religious-themed crank candles in the batch, too.
River Donaghey
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A New Study Shows Meth Can Kill You in Unexpected Ways

Users are more likely to die of heart disease than by violence.
Katherine Gillespie

I’m Really Glad This Ice-Addicted Bikie Snake Is Going to Be Okay

Let's embrace this tale of a reptile overcoming a love of meth.
Katherine Gillespie
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There's a Lot of Meth in Australia’s Sewage

A national wastewater study has revealed what drugs we’re taking and where.
Katherine Gillespie

What I Learned from My First 36 Days in Crystal Meth Anonymous

On meth, all my craziest sexual fantasies came true. But realizing I have an addiction meant realizing that my life will never be the same again.
Alexander Cheves
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New Zealand's Biggest Ever Meth Bust Is the Latest in a Year of Bizarre Importations

Three men appeared in court today charged with importing NZ$448 million worth of drugs stashed in 15 travel bags.
Beatrice Hazlehurst
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We Asked a Panel of Experts How They Would Tackle the Issues Around Chemsex

Left unchallenged, it's only going to negatively impact the lives of many more gay men.
Patrick Cash, Illustration: Thomas Pullin
Chemsex Week

How Gay Clubs Changed the Way We Take Drugs

Many of the world's most popular drugs took off in gay clubs, but it looks like the days of gay men being "early adopters" of new psychoactive substances are numbered.
Max Daly

Meth Bugs Are Rare and Imaginary but They'll Make You Tear Your Skin Off

Anti-drug campaigns make meth bugs look like the benchmark for addiction, but the truth is that you don't need meth to see them, and some meth addicts never do.
Royce Kurmelovs