Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

What’s the Deal With De Facto Relationships?

Boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, de facto? Yes they are different, and yes you should care.
Kamna Muddagouni
Know Your Rights

What Are Your Rights As a Freelancer?

Working for yourself? Good for you! Now let’s make sure you’re not getting screwed.
Kamna Muddagouni
Know Your Rights

What You Need To Know About Your Rights at a Protest

Spoiler alert: technically, there is no "right to protest" in Australia.
Kamna Muddagouni
Know Your Rights

What Rights Do I Have at Work as a Trans Person?

The trans and gender diverse community endure some of the most discriminatory work practices in Australia. Here's what you can do.
Kamna Muddagouni
Know Your Rights

What Actually Counts as Sexual Harassment?

A guide to Australian law and dealing with your creepy boss.
Kamna Muddagouni
Know Your Rights

How an Australian Criminal Record Affects Your Ability to Get a Job

Everything you need to know.
Kamna Muddagouni
music festivals

What to do If the Cops Try to Search You at a Festival This Summer

A handy guide to drug stop and searches, that definitely isn't legal advice.
Nevena Spirovska

JUDGE’s Matt Pincus Is Getting Old Punk and Hardcore Bands Paid for Their Song Streams, Finally

Hundreds of seminal hardcore bands from Gorilla Biscuits to Youth of Today weren't seeing a dime from streaming services, until now.
Dan Ozzi
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch Bob Odenkirk and David Cross's New Sketch About Police Brutality

Cross tries very hard to get arrested and 'Key & Peele''s Keegan-Michael Key makes a guest appearance.
Drew Schwartz