Copa Sudamericana

Brazilian Team Executes the Ultra-Rare Triple Bicycle Kick Golazo

This is the new standard, and we won't accept your chump single-bicycle kick goals from here on out.
Liam Daniel Pierce
premier league

Cristhian Stuani Scores An Absolute Screamer for Middlesbrough

Recently promoted Boro has opened up their account in the Premier League with an absolute stunner against Sunderland.
Liam Daniel Pierce
dogs named pickles

​Nazis, Thieves, and a Dog Named Pickles: The Unsolved Mystery of the First World Cup Trophy

In 1930, FIFA President Jules Rimet commissioned a trophy for the first World Cup. Since then it has been stolen, hidden, hunted, and lost. If it even still exists.
Keph Senett

How Norton Arbeláez Became the Face of Colorado’s Weed Industry

How the former medical lawyer came to Colorado and turned just $800 into one of the state's largest medical marijuana companies.
Juan Camilo Maldonado Tovar

Outliers: Rugby's Unlikeliest Heroes

From the Cherry Blossom's Michael Leitch to Australia's Israel Folau, here are the ones who shouldn't have made it, but, somehow, did.
VICE Staff

Outliers: Rugby's Unlikeliest Heroes

Rugby players come in all shapes and sizes and from many walks of life. Here are some of our favourite stars who you wouldn't have expected to excel at the pinnacle of the sport.
VICE Sports

​Uruguayan Rugby: An Amateur Outlook in a Professional World

Uruguay are one of the Rugby World Cup's most noteworthy minnows. But what 'Los Teros' lack in resources they certainly make up for in commitment.
Jamie Hosie
thump exclusive track

Embark on a Balearic Vacation with Private Agenda's Debut Release 'Déjà Vu'

Hit play, or you'll have to pick up your tickets to paradise at will call.
David Garber

The Establishment Turns Against the Drug War

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, billionaire Richard Branson and a half-dozen ex-presidents say it's time to discuss legalizing drugs. But don't hold your breath waiting for change.
Charles Davis
The Profiles Issue

Uruguay's Jose Mujica - President Chill

Profiling the world's chillest and most badass head of state who might just hold the key to ending the global drug war.
Krishna Andavolu

The Cannabis Republic of Uruguay

VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu heads over to Uruguay to see how the country is adjusting to a legally regulated marijuana market. Along the way, he meets up with Uruguay's president, José Mujica, to burn one down and talk about the president's...
Krishna Andavolu

The Week in GIFs

After finally coming to terms with the fact that most people barely have the attention span to tie their shoes, let alone read more than five sentences of text, we've created a new column about GIFs.
Rocco Castoro