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The Blood-Stained Reality of Being a Crime-Scene Cleaner

"After someone has been decomposing for five months, there's not that much for the police to remove. This man had turned into soup."
Gwen van der Zwan
Between Europe's Borders

Why Political Prisoners from Spain Seek Asylum in Belgium

For decades, Belgium has quietly offered an escape for activists considered enemies of the Spanish state. Here's how.
Arkasha Keysers

The Migrant Children Trapped on a Tiny Piece of Europe in Morocco

Mohammed is stuck in Melilla. He can't go back to his parents in Morocco, but he can't get further into Europe either.
Laura J. Varo
Between Europe's Borders

Life in the Last Capital City Still Split by a Border Zone

For decades, a hard border has divided Greek Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus, through Nicosia. One photographer spoke to those on both sides.
Marcos Andronicou
Between Europe's Borders

What It’s Like to Run a Tiny Country When You're 27

Two young leaders from San Marino and Andorra on why they decided to go into national politics, in micro-states as populated as small cities.
Jeffrey Zani
Between Europe's Borders

You Can Party Until Last Orders on This Nordic Commuter Ferry

On a 20-minute journey between Sweden and Denmark, people from both sides come together to drink and dance (to ABBA, naturally).
Anders Højberg Kamp
Between Europe's Borders

The City Where Each Side Completely Ignores the Other

In Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbs and Albanians live right next to each other, but never mingle.
Irfan Ličina
Between Europe's Borders

The Town Where Migrants Saved the Nightlife

Bars and clubs in rural areas in the Netherlands were closing, until young Polish migrant workers arrived – ready to work and party.
Lisa Lotens
Between Europe's Borders

Inside the Snowy World of Scandinavia's Enduring Indigenous Culture

Photographer Hedda Rysstad spent time in northern Norway with young Sámis, whose existence and language were repressed and marginalised for decades.
Hedda Rysstad

How to Quit Your Shitty Job and Become a Dominatrix

In the first installment of our new column, we meet a former financial researcher who switched from flogging numbers to flogging people.
Rose Stokes

West African Music Is Much More Than Just Afrobeats

The alté community is attempting to reinvent popular culture.
Aanu Adeoye

Queer Clergy Tell Us What It's Like to Be Gay and a Christian Leader

"It's been difficult for many to accept that a gay person could become a high-ranking minister."
Sebastian Goddemeier