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2 days ago

Sex Workers Share Their Strangest Requests

"We took a trip to the Berlin zoo where we collected different animal droppings."

3 days ago

When I Was 6, My Dad Almost Killed Our Entire Family

On our way home from a holiday, he accidentally plunged us all into a ravine. I asked him about it now, more than 15 years later.


Cuba’s Abandoned Nuclear City Is a 90s Time Capsule

Some people still live in a city next to a disused power plant, built before the collapse of the Soviet Union. This is what it looks like today.


I Gave My Cat a Fitness Tracker and the Results Were Worrying

Data is the new oil and kitty FitBits are a thing.


We Watched the Lifetime NXIVM 'Sex Cult' Movie So You Don't Have To

Some of the wildest lines are ripped right from the Keith Raniere sex trafficking trial transcript.


An Introduction to the Most Useless University Degrees in Europe

From stand-up comedy to studying coins, here are all the degrees that will guarantee you stay unemployed for years.


Seth Rogen Is Actually Doing Something About the War on Drugs

Rogen may be another white guy profiting off legal weed, but he tells VICE there's 'no way' he can ignore prohibition's racist past.


There’s a Third Incident of Justin Trudeau in Racist Makeup

The prime minister, running for reelection, is facing calls for his resignation.


The Human Causes of the World's Crippling Megafires

I went to northern Russia, where a group of volunteer firefighters showed me how they combat the huge blazes threatening our planet.


Africa's Biggest Street Art Festival Will Make You Not Hate Street Art

Thousands of people filled the streets of Accra's Jamestown district for Chale Wote, a celebration of some of the continent's best artists.


Here's How Much Pornhub Knows About You

Advertisers can target your location, language, sexual preferences and the specific browser you're using.


Women Can Go to Saudi Arabia's Theme Parks. But There Are Rules

Photographer Arwa Al-Na’imi used to love theme parks, but found them less fun as she got older and was separated from her brother.