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Buy This Plugin and Donate to Injured Ukrainian Activists

The makers of the amazing Multitude Delay plugin put their money where their mouth is.

by Leo Maymind
Mar 3 2014, 8:38pm

As the old saying goes, plugins come and plugins go. For the average producer inundated under a relentless flow of drum machine emulators, amp simulators, spectral analysis modules, and vocal processors, it's easy to forget there are actual, dedicated musicians and programmers behind those little multicolored rectangles. So it's particularly notable when one of those faceless designers drops a product that not only makes for perfect, spaced-out lead melodies, but also gives back to the community that raised them.

Sinevibes, a forward-thinking plugin design company founded by Artemiy Pavlov and operating in the current tumultuous battleground of Ukraine, is doing just that with their "Multitude of Help" campaign. They're offering what's been called their "most amazing and capable plugin," the Multitude Delay, at a reduced cost of $39, and 100% of the money from this sale is going to aid the recovery of wounded activists and protesters in their home country. As of Monday morning, the response was so overwhelming that the company "stopped gathering funds" for now to focus on distributing them properly. Looks like a whole lot of software aficionados jumped at the opportunity to get this discounted—and very sophisticated—delay module, while also putting their money where their mouth is.

A little bit of background for those of you who have disabled your wi-fi in order to concentrate on getting that mix *just* right: Ukraine is in the midst of a bitter democratic revolution, with many predicting that the country is on the brink of a full-scale Russian invasion. Members of the Russian Parliament just unanimously approved an initiative to send troops into Ukraine under the guise of defending the country's Russian citizens, with many believing the occupation of the Crimean peninsula is the first step in a large-scale seizing of control.

Luckily for all parties, Multitude is an amazing, flexible delay that uses gate sequencers to control and manipulate four individual delay lines that can then be processed with a range of sound design tools, including frequency shifter, sample rate and bit depth reducers, circuit bender, noise, multi-mode filter, saturation, and flanger. Effects can be placed before, after, or inside each delay's feedback loop. Each sequencer can run forwards or backwards and can store eight separate sequences per preset. Users can also utilize two separate LFOs to further modulate 16 different characteristics of the sound, adding a seemingly infinite amount of control. Multitude goes much deeper than a normal delay unit; CDM's Peter Kirn described it as a "modular delay/multi-effect," which really goes to show how deep this plugin goes.

The Multitude of Help campaign will run for a few more weeks—until March 15th—and you can provide even more support by purchasing multiple copies of Multitude. Pavlov has stated he is "communicating directly with the medical offices and central donation coordinators, and guarantee(s) that all funds will be spent properly." Show them some support the next time you reach for your plugin folder. It'll come back to you.