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The #MeToo Movement Has Reached Prison

Prisoners have remained silent—some out of shame, others out of fear of retaliation, but most because that’s just the way it’s always been.
Jerry Metcalf
2 days ago
Criminal Justice

I Won't Forget the Inmate Who Died After Canada’s Prison Strike

As someone who did not receive adequate medical treatment on the inside, I realize it could have been me.
Ryan Beardy
3 days ago
Life Inside

Portrait of an Unrepentant Murderer in Prison

I would never wish it on anyone, but there are just some people you can tell will be back in prison over and over again.
Aaron Ernst
Life Inside

What It’s Like to Be a Cutter in Prison

This isn’t a place that provides treatment, help, or even empathy to those who suffer from stress, depression, and mental illness.
Deidre McDonald
Life Inside

The Inmate I Took Under My Wing Didn't Survive Prison

I failed to realize that staying out of trouble is as much about mental health as it is about physical safety.
Kimberly Davoren as told to Mustafa Z. Mirza
Criminal Justice

Solitary Confinement Kills Indigenous Men Like Me

We're isolated more than non-Indigenous prisoners, and it’s adding to a history of trauma.
Ryan Beardy
Life Inside

All the Crazy Things I Saw in Prison During Hurricane Harvey

We were stuck in a ghost town, and ours were the only lives left.
Deidre McDonald

A Cop Explains Why Curfews Don't Work

How a 90s panic spawned a toxic trend that doesn’t make you safer and can target kids of color.
Ivonne Roman
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America's Insane Bail System Is Even Worse Than You Think

I grew up in Brooklyn in a neighbourhood where we saw excess incarceration. But the system doesn't have to be this bad.
Michael K. Williams
Life Inside

How I Survived Cancer in Prison

I fought first for my rights, and then for my life.
Heather Hodges
Life Inside

The Brutal Politics of Snitching in Prison

It sounds simple, but I’ve seen guys who called themselves “rat smashers” pick the wrong rat to smash.
George T. Wilkerson
Life Inside

I Learned to Play Violin in Prison

Then I used music to grieve my father's death.
Jason Naradzay