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How the UK Government Creates Racist Hysteria to Create Racist Policies

"Ministers showcase their crackdown on problems they have invented themselves."


Britain's Immigration Policy Is Just as Draconian as Donald Trump's 'Muslim Ban'

Trump’s revised travel ban is yet to come into effect, but Theresa May has already built a wall, deported Muslims, and thrown innocent people into detention centres.


Why Weed Won't Be Legal in the UK Anytime Soon

A new report came out today arguing for regulated legalization, but it's going to take more than suggestions to achieve real policy change.


VICE Exclusive: These British Police Forces Have Stopped Arresting Drug Users

If successful, the pilot schemes could signal the first steps towards the decriminalisation of drugs in Britain.


Protesters Picketed the UK Burger Bar That Helped Deport Its Immigrant Workers

They relished the opportunity to hold the chain to account.


Living in Exile in Your Twenties When You're Wanted by the Taliban

Asylum seekers who make it out of Afghanistan as children are protected by law, but things change once you turn 18.


What It's Like to Be Trafficked and Forced into Modern Slavery

"K," a Hungarian man in his mid-30s, was taken to the UK and forced into slavery before escaping and going undercover to help others do the same.


Wait a Minute, Why Is Tyler the Creator Banned from the UK If Donald Trump Isn't?

What’s worse? Fictional lyrics written under an alter ego when you’re eighteen? Or an ongoing verbal assault conducted on a world stage consisting of hate, racism, sexism, and prejudice?


Should UK Citizens Be Scared of Their New Internet Surveillance Bill?

Web companies could be made to store their users' internet browsing history for a year.


The Banning of Tyler the Creator Reveals a UK Government Struggling to Define 'Terrorism'

Hasty decision making keeps taking a dump on our freedom of expression.


The Plight of Immigrant Offenders Kicked Out of the UK Before They Can Appeal

"Deport first, appeal later" legislation means immigrants who commit minor crimes can only appeal after they've already been removed and, in many cases, left destitute.


A Look Inside the British Government's Legal Highs Lab

We spent a day at ground zero for the UK's new war on synthetic drugs.