Property Owners Can Do Basically Whatever They Want to Homeless People Now

In San Francisco, they're even getting the government's help.


Some San Franciscans Are Trying to Get Rid of Homeless People with Boulders. Here’s How That's Going.

Instead of helping settle anything, the boulders have caused activists and neighbors to go to war.


Trump’s EPA Is Very Concerned About Homeless People And Their Poop

The Trump administration sent an unusually strong message to California about its homelessness crisis: an environmental complaint.


One Thing Trump and Wealthy Liberals Have in Common: They Hate the Homeless

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Trump Is Going to War with California Because He Thinks Homeless People Are Polluting the Ocean

Trump is now threatening San Francisco with an environmental citation.


Trump Reportedly Wants to Destroy Homeless Camps in California. Officials Say He Doesn’t Have a Clue.

"The president doesn’t seem to have any grasp of the homeless crisis, not only in California, but around the country."


A Fire at an LA Homeless Camp is Being Investigated as Attempted Murder

It’s the second time in recent weeks that authorities along the West Coast have said someone set fire to a tent city to target the homeless.


Los Angeles Might Start Punishing Homeless People Based on Where They Sleep

Like schools, parks, or otherwise “crowded public sidewalk areas.”


Cops Who Led Handcuffed Black Man Down the Street by a Rope Won't Face Investigation

The man's family said he’s been homeless and seeking treatment for mental illness over the past several years.


The Creative and Cruel Ways People Make Life Hell for the Homeless

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Photos of the Most Egregious 'Anti-Homeless' Architecture

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The Forgotten People Living in Tents 7 Months After Hurricane Michael

60% of the housing stock around Panama City, Florida was damaged or destroyed in Hurricane Michael. It may never be rebuilt.