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What We Know About the Asylum-Seeker Who Committed Suicide in ICE Custody

He was frustrated with the immigration process and put into solitary confinement.


AT&T Has Received $14 Million From ICE This Year

The company joins Amazon, Palantir, Wayfair, and many other businesses in profiting from the government's inhumane treatment of immigrants.


Immigrants Went to This California Woman for Green Cards and Work Visas. She Allegedly Scammed Them out of More Than $100K.

She allegedly never filed paperwork, stopped communicating with anyone who complained, and never refunded any of her clients.


Internal Email Shows GitHub Plans to Renew ICE Contract

Even though GitHub leadership and others oppose ICE’s child separation policy, an internal email suggests GitHub won’t stop ICE from renewing a contract with the tech company.


The Virginia Police Officer Who Turned an Immigrant in a Car Accident Over to ICE Is Back on the Job

The county police chief said he was suspended just days earlier.


Threatening to Call ICE Could Now Cost Some New Yorkers A $250,000 Fine

“If you want to come into the ultimate city of immigrants and try to spread hate, you WILL face the consequences,” said New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.


An Undocumented Woman Gave Birth in a Church to Avoid ICE

Ingrid Encalada Latorre and her children have spent two years in a Colorado church that provides sanctuary to undocumented immigrants.


Company That Provides Tech to ICE Not Renewing Contract After Code-Deletion Protest

Last week, a former employee deleted open-source code he wrote for a tool called Chef in protest over an ICE contract. Now, Chef says it will not renew its work with ICE.


'Everyone Should Have a Moral Code' Says Developer Who Deleted Code Sold to ICE

Seth Vargo wrote code used in a platform called Chef. When he learned ICE was a customer, he wrestled with ICE using code he had personally written.


California Just Banned Private Prisons, Including ICE Detention Facilities

The Mesa Verde facility costs taxpayers $119.95 per detainee per day for the first 320 people detained there, according to an advocacy group


ICE Put 120 Cubans on a Flight to Havana in Major Deportation Ramp-Up

The large-scale deportation marks a turning point in U.S.-Cuba relations


The Trump Administration Is Taking Millions Away from Emergency Response for More ICE Beds

Instead of getting congressional approval, DHS sent a notice saying the administration has the authority because of extraordinary circumstances.