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Saskatchewan Needs to Confront Its Violent Racists

After an arson attempt at a ‘Justice for Our Stolen Children’ camp, Premier Scott Moe has failed to take a stand against hate.
Chase Ruttig

Buffy Sainte-Marie on Winning the Polaris Prize, Viet Cong, and Indigenous Activism

Hot off winning the biggest prize in Canadian music, the long-time activist dispenses advice on how to fight the Man.
James Wilt

Canada’s Truth Commission on Residential Schools Is Coming to a Troubling Close, Far from Reconciliation

It appears that the commission is ending just as it was gaining speed.
Mayana C. Slobodian

We Spoke to a Canadian Doc-Maker About Guantanamo’s Most Kafkaesque Case

Stephen Harper doesn't care about Uyghurs, about human beings—he cares about pandas.
Chris Bilton

Some Kind of Monster: A Brief History of Harper’s Big Fat Omnibus Bills

Bill C-51 is the most polarizing issue in Canada right now. It has sparked a national debate about surveillance, terror, and judicial oversight, but it is also the most recent in a long line of mind-numbingly long Conservative bills.
Nick Rose

‘Trick or Treaty’ Shows What Lengths the Government Will Go to Protect Their Interests

We spoke to director Alanis Obomsawin about her film Trick or Treaty, which looks at the infamous Treaty 9—the agreement wherein First Nations communities allegedly signed over sovereignty of their land.
Raf Katigbak

The First Nations Education Act Is Dead

The Harper government recently tabled a bill set to reform aboriginal education with little to no consultation of First Nations leaders. After a contentious debate, the chiefs unanimously decided to reject the bill earlier this week.
Remi L. Roy

Why Are Native People Who Use Community Clinics In Toronto Dying by Age 37?

Indigenous people who use Toronto's community clinics have an average age of death of 37, a number in line with the average age of death in failed states like Yemen and Angola. The numbers are alarming, and the problems are complex. How do we increase...
Wab Kinew

Banned Chemicals Were Found in the Bloodstreams of Children in the Chemical Valley

Chemicals that were banned from use in the 40s and 50s are still ubiquitous in the Chemical Valley. So much so that they're showing up in the bloodstreams of children from the nearby First Nations reserve, Aamjiwnaang.
Patrick McGuire

How Activists Shut Down the Enbridge Line 9 Pipeline Hearings

After three days of uneventful bureaucratic protocol, the National Energy Board hearings for Enbridge's Line 9 pipeline reversals erupted into a noisy but non-violent demonstration.
Michael Toledano

Why Is Stephen Harper Ignoring the UN's Push to Investigate Missing Aboriginal Women?

Current estimates place the number of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada at 668, and yet Stephen Harper's government is ignoring a global plea to investigate.
Joel Balsam

Canada's First Nations Reserves Have a Faulty System of Government

The current governing structure on First Nations reserves in Canada has done a very good job in keeping the Indigenous population of this country internalized and dependent.
Nigel Irwin