Junior Boys

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Junior Boys Take PDA to the Next Level with Their "Kiss Me All Night" Video

You'll never think of park make outs the same way again after watching the Canadian synth-pop duo's latest clip.
Max Mohenu
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Fuck Music, Let’s Talk About Feelings: FYF Fest

So Sad Today went to this year's festival to talk to musicians whose work is "sad," "dark," "nostalgic," or "melancholic" about what happiness is, what it means to them, and how to get it.
So Sad Today
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Junior Boys’ ‘Kiss Me All Night’ EP is a Flirt Fest on the Dancefloor

The title track was inspired by Prince.
Krystal Rodriguez

Jessy Lanza's Music Makes Life's Smallest Irritations Feel Meaningful

The Canadian singer and producer combats everyday anxiety and stress on her sophomore album 'Oh No.'
Kristel Jax
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Stream Jessy Lanza's Sophomore Album 'Oh No' Now

Hear the Canadian electro-R&B artist's new record on Hyperdub ahead of its May 13 release date.
THUMP Canada Staff

Oubliez un peu Grimes et penchez-vous plutôt sur Jessy Lanza

On vous fait écouter « Oh No » en intégralité, deuxième album de la chanteuse canadienne et brillant condensé d'electro-funk, de synth-pop et de R&B.
Noisey Staff

Junior Boys, Dinamo Azari, Skratch Bastid, and More Pick Their Essential Canadian Disco Songs

We rounded up our favourite crate-diggers to compile a list of the best 70s and 80s hits.
Benjamin Boles
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​Junior Boys Share New Video and Robert Hood Remix of "Big Black Coat"

Techno pioneer reworks the Canadian synth-pop duo's single into a throbbing dance floor epic.
Benjamin Boles

Junior Boys and the Liberation of Not Caring

It's been five years since the last Junior Boys record, but it seems the time apart working with others has been rather beneficial.
Lior Phillips
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Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan Gives Us a Techno History Lesson In This Exclusive Mix

Ahead of the the Canadian duo's long-awaited new album, one half of the group hits the decks for a masterclass in machine music.
David Garber
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Junior Boys Share VHS Fantasy Video For "Over It," Announce Tour Dates With Jessy Lanza

A local, bar-frequenting "eccentric" from Ontario makes a very special guest appearance in this charming clip.
Alexander Iadarola
Junior Boys

How Small-Town Drunks and Techno Nostalgia Inspired Junior Boys' Comeback Album

'Big Black Coat' is the Canadian electro-pop duo's first record in five years.
Cam Lindsay