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Melbourne Man Admits He Killed an Airbnb Guest over Unpaid Rent

Thirty-six-year-old Ramis Jonuzi was strangled to death after he was unable to pay the $210 he owed his host.
Gavin Butler

Edmonton Man Uses ‘Involuntary Celibacy’ as Excuse in Stomping Death

Self-described "incel" Sheldon Russell Bentley was sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter.
Allison Tierney

Why Dealers Who Sell Fentanyl-Laced Coke Probably Won’t Be Convicted of Murder

With overdose deaths mounting across Canada, how should dealers be held accountable?
Allison Tierney

How a Facebook Selfie Led to a Manslaughter Conviction

The selfie showed a woman wearing a belt found near the body of a murder victim.
Allison Tierney
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Trump Is Outraged an Undocumented Immigrant Just Got Acquitted of Murder

The president called the verdict "disgraceful" after making Steinle's killing a centerpiece of his border wall proposal.
Drew Schwartz
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Michelle 'Suicide-by-Text' Carter Just Got Sentenced to Prison

The 20-year-old was convicted of manslaughter in June for telling her boyfriend to kill himself.
Susan Zalkind
true crime

Inside the Tense Courtroom When the Suicide Texter Was Found Guilty

Michelle Carter faces 20 years in prison for telling her boyfriend to commit suicide.
Susan Zalkind
true crime

Suicide-by-Text Trial's Latest Twist: It Was the Drugs

Michelle Carter, accused of goading her boyfriend into suicide via text when she was 17, wants a judge to believe she was sent over the rails by antidepressants.
Susan Zalkind
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Las Vegas Cop Charged After Killing an Unarmed Man with a Chokehold

Kenneth Lopera is the first Metropolitan Police Department cop to be charged with an officer-involved fatality in almost 30 years.
Drew Schwartz
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Eight Frat Boys Charged with Manslaughter After Hazing Death

The charges come after a 19-year-old Penn State pledge drunkenly fell down the stairs and paramedics weren’t contacted.
Mack Lamoureux

Ottawa Police Officers Are Wearing Bracelets to Support the Cop Charged in Beating Death

Constable Daniel Montsion was charged with manslaughter in the death of Abdirahman Abdi.
Manisha Krishnan
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The Cop Who Killed Philando Castile Has Been Charged with Manslaughter

Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez shot the 32-year-old black cafeteria worker in July before Castile's then girlfriend streamed the graphic aftermath on Facebook.
Lauren Messman