Doctors and Nurses Addicted to Opioids Are Often Barred from the Most Effective Treatment

Taking proven medications like buprenorphine and methadone could mean losing their medical licenses.


Florida Thinks a Solution to the Opioid Crisis Is... Massages

New rules in the state require providers to suggest some wildly unhelpful alternatives to prescription painkillers.


Democrats Are Racing to Look Progressive on Drugs

Sanders and Warren supporting safe injection sites shows how far we've come since the 80s.


It's Hard to Get Drugs in Canada's North. It's Even Harder to Get Help

Communities in Canada's territories may be small, but they can have big-city problems with drugs and alcohol.


Finally, We Know How Much Weed and Coke Is in Your City's Pee

A new Stats Can study looked at five major Canadian cities to tell us how much cannabis, cocaine, meth and opioids we've used post-legalization.


The Mysterious Consequences of Repeatedly Overdosing on Opioids

Experts are concerned we'll see a rise in brain damage among people who survive multiple ODs in the age of fentanyl.


How to Legalize Every Drug

Cocaine energy drinks, licensed psychedelics guides, and fair trade heroin could all be part of a safer legal regime.


Fentanyl Speedballs Are the Latest Disturbing Trend in America's Opioid Crisis

Deliberately mixing the powerful and deadly drug with stimulants like coke and meth is one (dangerous) way users are adjusting to a new market.


An opioid distributor and its execs were just charged with drug trafficking

“Today’s charges should send shockwaves throughout the pharmaceutical industry," said the DEA special agent


A bunch of docs just got busted for allegedly doling out millions of illegal painkillers

Among them, the “Rock Doc” allegedly prescribed hundreds of thousands of opioids and benzodiazepines, sometimes in exchange for sexual favors.


Ruthless Capitalists Can't Donate Their Way Out of Trouble Anymore

The Sackler family behind OxyContin are accused of brazenly jumpstarting the deadly opioid crisis. In the era of endless scams, elite philanthropy like theirs is hitting roadblocks.


I'm a Paramedic, Please Stop Asking Me the Worst Thing I've Ever Seen

As a first responder, I’ve been asked this question countless times. Trust me, you don’t want to know.