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Australia’s Next Federal Election Will Be Held May 18

We've now got five weeks of political campaigning to look forward to.


The Christchurch Shooter has Been Charged with 50 Counts of Murder

The man responsible for the shooting deaths of 50 Muslim worshippers last month was initially charged with just one murder. This afternoon, New Zealand police announced more than 50 additional charges.


Chinese Tourists Keep Visiting Sydney Uni Thinking It’s Hogwarts

Harry Potter wasn't filmed in Australia—but that isn't stopping tour guides from cashing in on the slight resemblance.


Melbourne Man Admits He Killed an Airbnb Guest over Unpaid Rent

Thirty-six-year-old Ramis Jonuzi was strangled to death after he was unable to pay the $210 he owed his host.


Cardinal George Pell has Been Found Guilty of Child Sexual Abuse

The former archbishop of Melbourne is the most senior Catholic cleric to ever be convicted of sexually abusing children.


Queenslanders Will Soon Be Able to Get Emojis on Their Number Plates

But the eggplant is not an option.


Australians Take $9 Billion Worth of Drugs a Year, According to Poo Samples

The latest wastewater results reveal the true extent of Australia's passion for getting high.


Police Aren’t Happy About the Amount of People Visiting the Abandoned Shark

Urban explorers are flocking to an abandoned wildlife park to see a dead great white shark in a tank... which is trespassing.


A Family Birthday Descended into Chaos After Someone Put Weed in the Cake

Several party guests greened out, vomited, and had to be sent to hospital. Two of them were in their 80s.


A Man Burned Down a Canberra Massage Parlour Because it 'Smelled Like Semen'

The 37-year-old has now been sentenced to 20 months in prison.


Teen Who Sold a Kidney for an iPhone Is Now Bedridden for Life

"Why do I need a second kidney? One is enough," said Wang Shangkun, who has since suffered organ failure.


Chinese Censors are Blurring Male Earrings Because They're too 'Effeminate'

Some believe the censorship is part of a Government-driven agenda to reinforce traditional gender roles.