Looks Like Someone Lost a Bunch of Drugs at Sea Again

A man tried to smuggle drugs into Australia by welding them to the bottom of a boat. He failed.
Gavin Butler

We Asked an Expert How Long You Can Safely Hold in a Fart

Turns out you can uh… breathe out a fart if you hold it in for too long.
Mack Lamoureux
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Nude Beach Surfer Headbutts His Way into Shark Attack, Punches His Way Out

"He was just going about his business and I headbutted him so he retaliated."
River Donaghey
Australia Today

Australia is Set to Become the First Country to Eliminate Cervical Cancer

Within the next 20 years, cervical cancer may no longer be considered a public health problem.
Gavin Butler
News of Zealand

Russell Crowe Wants New Zealand and Australia to Merge So They Can Share Jacinda

"Not trying to be controversial," the actor tweeted, "just practical."
Zoe Madden-Smith
Australia Today

Australia’s Satanists are Asking for Blood Donations

"Blood for Satan" is the country's first Satanic charity event.
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

Aussie Cops Aren’t Happy about Having to Cover up Their Tattoos

Australian Federal Police officers are outraged over new dress codes requiring them to cover their tattoos, claiming that "Aussie Bogan" is their religion.
Gavin Butler

A Boat Full of Cocaine Is Missing, Waiting to Be Found

The vessel was abandoned by drug-smuggling pirates with more than £25 million worth of coke on board.
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

A Giant Meteor Exploded Over Perth Last Night

The photo makes it look like the moon, but it was actually a lump of rock "airbursting” in the upper atmosphere.
Gavin Butler

Photos of Australian Landscapes Ravaged By Humans

From dustbowl farms to incinerated forests – we're really making a mess.
Sam Nichols

Prisoners Talk About How They Make and Waste Money on the Inside

"My mate books escorts and then I ring him at the brothel. I’ll listen as he fucks them how I want."
Mahmood Fazal
Why Are You Doing That?

We Went to a Beer Can Collector's Paradise and Asked Them 'Why?'

A lot of beer can collectors don't even drink beer.
Angela Skujins