Body Positivity


How to Have Sex With a Fat Girl

Touch – and I cannot stress this enough – the FUPA.


Why I'm Glad There Are No Plus-Sized Women Like Me On 'Love Island'

After 'Love Island' released its trailer, fans criticised the show for only featuring very slim women. But while our society remains so fatphobic, putting a few plus-sized women in the show would be more exploitative than helpful.


In 'Shrill' Black Characters Are More Than Vehicles for White Stories

The Hulu series doesn't apologise to white people, and that's important.


Why Is Mainstream Feminism Chasing Its Own Tail?

Lately, it's felt like many of the 'feminist' issues brought to light by journalism and publishing are conversations we've already had.


It's About Time for a Truly Great Plus-Size Rom-Com

Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Why aren't they portrayed on-screen?


Athletic Women Talk About the Abuse They Receive

"I've been called a man and a bull, and told that no guy will ever want to go out with me."


I Love My Big Boobs, But Bra Shopping Is a Nightmare

While we’re celebrating women of all shapes, let’s make big bras less horrible.


Celebrities Need to Stop Endorsing Detox Teas

Cardi B is the last person I'd expect to go full Kim Kardashian on me with this weight-loss product endorsement.


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My FUPA

"Body positivity" is bullshit if it's only positive about a certain type of plus-size body. And if I want to change that, I need to expose the one thing I've always been afraid of: my gut.


[NSFW] Voluptuous 'Thicc' Goddesses Get Their Due in REEG's Illustrations

The London-based artist exclusively draws and cherishes one thing: curvy women.


We Asked People to Tell Us Which Body Part They Think Is Hottest

A new survey says 75 percent of women aren't happy with the way they look. Fuck that.


Free-Bleeding Is the Shock Art the World Needs

Kiran Gandhi's unfettered menstruation during the London Marathon could be the feminist statement we've been waiting for.