Dan Evans


How Your Parents Helping You Pay for Everything Changes Your Relationship with Them

The long-lasting interest of withdrawing from the bank of mum and dad.


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What does 'Mr Brexit' even mean? What does it even MEAN?


All the Terrible Things Rich People Do on Holiday

Unwinding from the stress that comes with having sold your soul to the devil is hard, you know.


Foot Fetishes and Gunge-Covered Lesbians: When Couples Watch Porn Together

Is porn really destroying as many relationships as hand-wringing newspaper agony aunts would have us believe?


Badminton and 'Lobster Dinners': What British Prison Life Is Like When You're Filthy Rich

Infamous upper class fraudster "Fast Eddie" Davenport recounts tales of his time in Wandsworth Prison.


An Illustrated A to Z of Chemsex

A glossary of terms.


Inside the Nightmarish Body Habit Disorders That Affect 'One in 50 People'

Roughly two percent of the population exhibit at least one body-focused repetitive behaviour, such as obsessive skin picking or hair pulling, so why isn't more treatment available?


I'm 33 Years Old and I'm Gradually Going Blind

I don't fear blindness, per se – just as I don't fear the concept of mortality. The horror is specific: I dread not being able to see you seeing me. It's vain and it's visceral.


The UK's Drug Dealers Are Swapping Crack for Nokia 8210s

The handset has become the most popular phone among dealers who don't want their movements traced.


This Is How British Cults Work

I spoke to Ian Haworth, who's been running the UK's Cult Information Centre for over 20 years.


Vendettas and Violence: The Curse of Growing Up Male in a Small British Town

Small-town vendettas and hardwired masculine aggression aren't just physically damaging – they're creating a mental health epidemic.


Meet Dan Evans, The Man Behind All Our Grime Week Illustrations

I've been so many places, I've seen so many faces, but nothing comes close to that blue and yellow drawing of Skepta.