David Cameron

5 days ago

If It Wasn't for Brexit, We'd Have These Useful New Laws

Brexit has sucked all of the air out of politics – but what does that actually mean for passing legislation and getting stuff done?


Brexit Power Ranking: Boris Johnson Caught Lying – Again!

But the man he was lying to was a "Labour activist", so...


Yep, David Cameron Is Still a Prick

As our former PM put it in his ITV interview, he's very sorry but he'd do it all again pretty much the same.


What's Gone On This Week: The Hatching of Another Royal Baby

In slightly more reassuring news, David Cameron is now so universally disliked he can't even buy a hot tub without it being a news item purely because no one wants him to enjoy anything :,)


What's Gone On This Week: The Budget, Legal-ish Weed and David Cameron Is 'Bored Shitless'

Welcome to the realm of British politics, where time is a flat circle.


The Carillion Scandal Is Proof That Big Business Should Not Run Government Services

How Tony Blair's big privatisation idea ended in crappy hospitals and expensive bail outs.


All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Read it all here so you don't have to open Twitter.


Hold On, Old Tories Can Save the Labour Party?

Apparently, David Cameron and George Osborne could save us from the sad death of Labour Party.


Tracking David Cameron's Big Festival Weekend

How our once terrible leader learned to quit the haters and live his best life.


The Inner Monologue from David Cameron's Big Wilderness Festival Weekend

Includes photobombing and dangling a cigarette mid-hug.


Remembering All The Times The Tories Failed To Understand Football

Over the past few decades, Conservative politicians have intermittently attempted to appropriate football and use it to their own ends. This has led to much embarrassment for everyone, but most of all them.