WTF Brexit

Who to Blame for the Brexit Situation

Who or what should shoulder the blame for our national clusterfuck?
Gavin Haynes

Has Brexit Ruined Democracy?

Making sense of the fact that every possible side of the Brexit debate is claiming to speak for 'democracy'.
Tom Whyman

What We Heard at Jacob Rees-Mogg's Latest Meeting of Hard-Brexit Cranks

The constitution is in crisis and there's only one way out: something convoluted involving the Queen and some Maoists.
Simon Childs
VICE International

How Young People in Romania Won a Referendum By Not Voting

Doing nothing isn't always an effective strategy when you want to stop the government from doing something hateful, but last weekend, it worked out.
Ștefania Matache
The Dystopia and Utopia Issue

Rethinking the System: Five Experts Imagine a Better Future

From the #MeToo movement to Afrofuturism, writers, documentarians, and other authorities offer their vision of a more utopian future.
E.J. Graff
George Turner
Astra Taylor
Ngozi Erondu
Reynaldo Anderson

This Is How American Democracy Could End

We asked a leading political scientist about his terrifying new book.
Harry Cheadle
middle east

How Trump Can (and Probably Will) Botch the Iran Situation

The president has been more vocal in support of the latest round of protests than Obama was. But his travel ban and threat of sanctions mean trouble for activists.
Mark Hay
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump Messed Up His Own Birthday on His NYC Mayoral Ballot

Plus, Melania forgot to sign her envelope, Ivanka sent in her ballot too late for it to count, and Jared Kushner never even mailed the thing.
Drew Schwartz
Tory Week

I Lived as a Tory for a Week, Day Three: Canvassing

There's a mix up at a constituency HQ and Oobah ends up drumming up support for the local MP.
Oobah Butler

This Short, Terrifying Book Explains How the West Could Collapse

I asked the author if elites could do anything about it.
Harry Cheadle
Oh Snap

Make This Toxic Election Blow Up in the Tories' Faces

Theresa May is treating democracy as a game.
Sam Kriss

Postcards from the End of an American Era

History hits a wall at Michael St. John's 14th solo show in New York, 'These Days; Leaves of Grass,' at Andrea Rosen Gallery.
Emerson Rosenthal