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How Tommy Robinson Is Manipulating His Disciples

The former EDL leader is using his legal saga to further his cult of personality.
Simon Childs

'I'm Delighted for Britain' – the Tommy Robinson Supporters Celebrating His Bail

We spoke to Tommy's fans and critics outside the Royal Courts of Justice following a judge's announcement that the former EDL leader will be freed on bail.
Mattha Busby

Tommy Robinson Has Become a Hero to the Global Far-Right

Saturday's "Free Tommy Robinson" demo showed that there's an international coalition of dickheads backing him.
Simon Childs
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Belgian Football Hooligans Aren't Supporting Belgium This World Cup

In theory, the England game tonight is a Belgian ultra's dream fixture. But there's a deep cultural divide in Belgium, which means few hooligans would ever want to raise a fist in support of their national team.
Frederik Van den Bril
Yannick Dekeukelaere
Tommy Robinson

The Incredibly Simple Reason We Shouldn't #FreeTommy

Triggered Tommy Robinson fans don't seem to understand that if you commit a crime, you have to deal with the punishment.
Simon Doherty
Tommy Robinson

The Story of Tommy Robinson, Hateful Hero of the British Far-Right

Robinson has gone from street protester to arguably the loudest anti-Islam voice in the UK. Here's how he got there.
Emma-Lee Moss
Hate Island

The Rise and Demise of the EDL

How the far-right street movement shot to notoriety, before falling apart in an "alcohol-fuelled almost comic collapse".
Mark Wilding
Hate Island

Alt-Right Figures Pretending to Be Journalists Are Playing a Dangerous Game

Far-right agitators are increasingly becoming "reporters", whose main target is other media.
Simon Childs
James Poulter
Hate Island

My Curious Search for That Guy in the 'Muslamic Ray Guns' Video

How a drunken garble at an EDL rally became shorthand for slapstick nationalism.
David Hillier
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An EDL Paedophile Has Been Jailed for 17 Years

The far-right Islamophobic group notoriously loves accusing Muslims of being paedophiles.
Mac Hackett

Who's Behind the UK's Pro-Donald Trump Protests?

A confusing mixture of right-wingers want to welcome the fascist-sympathiser in chief.
James Poulter
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Checking in with Saffiyah Khan, the Woman Who Faced Down the EDL

I know Saf from punk gigs and the skate park; the world now knows her as the woman out of the viral photo from this weekend's far-right demo.
Tim Mobbs