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Sadiq Khan Declared Climate Emergency – He's Building This Huge Road Anyway

The London mayor wants to create a new road tunnel in London despite announcing his plans to tackle climate change.
Hannah Partos
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How to Radicalise Your Parents on Climate Change

It's possible to change someone's mind on climate change – if you're related to them.
Shayla Love
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What Happens to the Extinction Rebellion 'Rebels' Who Get Arrested

Over 1,000 environmental activists who took part in April's "uprising" are due to be prosecuted. We spoke to a few who have already been handed their sentence.
Emily Goddard
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A Night Out at Extinction Rebellion's Bristol Protest

Climate activism in the crusty capital of the UK.
Adam Corner
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What Extinction Rebellion Protesters Want from Politicians

"Actions speak louder than words. It is one thing to declare a climate emergency, it is another to act on them."
Ammal Hassan
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Extinction Rebellion Are Back and This Time They've Got More Boats

The radical climate activists kicked off another week of action today, in five cities around the UK. We went to Cardiff to see how they're getting on.
VICE Staff
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These Activists Think You Can Save the Planet with Meditation

I spent the day with the Dharma Action Network For Climate Engagement and went on a meditation protest.
Saskia Rowlands

What the Left Can Learn from Extinction Rebellion

There are plenty of criticisms to be made of XR, but how can the wider left build on the movement's successes?
Chris Saltmarsh
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Extinction Rebellion Protesters Reflect On Their Campaign

"I was totally on a higher vibration, being connected to nature and stuff. This has been a massive hug."
Rhys Thomas
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These Items Represent the Extinction Rebellion Protests

Every movement has its visual signifiers. Here are XR's.
Nicole Garcia Merida
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We Asked Extinction Rebellion: What Comes Next?

Co-founder Gail Bradbrook realises they haven't got everything totally right, but is quietly optimistic they'll get the government to the bargaining table.
Michael Segalov
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The Police Tried to Ruin Extinction Rebellion's Week-One Party

The cops took a sound system from Marble Arch last night.
Michael Segalov