What's Gone On This Week: The British are Rejecting Pubs in Favour of Mead

And other stories, which are even worse.
Far right

How Tommy Robinson Is Manipulating His Disciples

The former EDL leader is using his legal saga to further his cult of personality.
Simon Childs
vice exclusive

The Online ‘Home’ of the Tory Party Is a Hotbed of Islamophobia

Commenters on the highest profile Tory forum compared the burqa to an "SS uniform" and called "Islam and Middle Eastern cultures" a "cancer".
Simon Childs
Tory Islamophobia

How Long Can the Tories Ignore Their Islamophobia Problem?

After Boris Johnson's attention-seeking racist article, the pressure is building for them to finally take the issue seriously.
Simon Childs
Canadian Far Right Extremism

Neo-Nazis Can Be Deradicalised and Make Amends

Not all racists can be rehabilitated. But some can and here’s some ways we can do that.
Brad Galloway and Evan Balgord

How This Small Town in Trump Country Dumped Its Islamophobic President

His vitriolic Facebook posts inspired protests that nearly tore a Michigan village apart. It's now trying to come back together.
Trevor Bach
vice exclusive

Tory MP with History of Islamophobia Was a Member of Racist Facebook Groups

Bob Blackman MP removed himself from the groups when contacted by VICE, and insists he never knew he had been added to them.
Joe Lo
Hate Island

The Conservative Party Is Still Ignoring Its Islamophobia Problem

The Muslim Council of Britain has reiterated its call for an inquiry into Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.
Simon Childs

The Man Who Murdered Six Muslim Men in a Mosque Says He’s Not Islamophobic

Alexandre Bissonnette fatally shot six men during evening prayers.
Manisha Krishnan
Far right

Two Different Football Lads Alliances Held Islamophobic Demos in Birmingham

The "anti-extremist" group is veering towards racism as it falls apart.
James Poulter
Hate Island

Is It Okay to Be Gay (and in the Far-Right)?

How outspoken gay figures like Milo Yiannopoulos and Caolan Robertson go down with right-wingers, who – traditionally – haven't been big fans of the gays.
Sophie Wilkinson
Donald Trump

The Truth Behind Those Anti-Muslim Videos Donald Trump Just Retweeted

The President of the USA just retweeted Britain First to his 43.6 million followers.
Angus Harrison