Liberal Democrats


The Brexit Power Ranking

Consider this your digested read on all the new developments in the biggest exercise of self-inflicted misery the UK has ever put itself through.


Revealed: The Evangelical Money Behind Former Lib-Dem Leader Tim Farron

Farron's two-year stint as party leader was marked by constant questioning about whether he believed homosexual sex to be a sin.


Why Politicians Shouldn't Write Novels

Vince Cable's Lib-Dem thriller is part of a history of dodgy books by Westminster celebs.


Will the Lib Dems’ Proposed Tax on Disposable Coffee Cups Actually Work?

The party wants to introduce a 5p levy on takeaway coffee cups in a bid to cut the amount of plastic sent to landfill.


The Lib Dems' Fight Back Won't Save You

They don't believe in a word they say, so neither should you.


Nick Clegg to VICE: Stop Brexit Politicians ‘Putting on Bovver Boots and Kicking the Shit Out’ of Civil Servants

The former Deputy PM is pissed off about the "nasty air out there".


Labour Are 26 Points Ahead of the Tories (If You Only Count Young People)

And other things to take away from the most recent UK political polling.


An Australian Senator is Suing Over Being Called an 'Angry White Male'

Crossbench senator David Leyonhjelm has made a formal complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission saying a Fairfax columnist racially abused him.


Why the New Lib Dem Leader Is Convinced His Party Can Become Relevant Again

With Jeremy Corbyn moving Labour further from the centre-ground, newly elected Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron thinks his party can become relevant again. But didn't Clegg already blow it?


Anarchists Smashed the Windows of East London's Crappy New Jack the Ripper Museum at a Protest

People are not happy with the new museum about a murderer, which was originally supposed to be a museum celebrating the women of the east end.


Everything You Need to Know About the Life of Charles Kennedy

Let's make his qualities and achievements his epitaph, rather than his tragic side.


A Brief Overanalysis of That Photo of Nick Clegg Dancing to 5ive

Arguably, this photo of Nick Clegg dancing to 5ive is the most iconic image of the 2015 election.