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TOOL's Live Visuals Are Worth Losing Your Mind Over

Digital artist Can Buyukberber gives us a tour of the sights he created for the rock titans.

by Nathaniel Ainley
Jun 1 2016, 8:20pm

Images courtesy of TOOL 

Planes of complex webbing bend and twist over each other, pushing and pulling the viewer into digital artist Can Büyükberber's visuals for the band TOOL. The parametric digital textiles make you feel like you’re getting sucked into a singularity, but just when you think you’re about to reach the center vortex, they spit you back out, subjecting you to another reel of discombobulating netting.

Late last year, Büyükberber put together ten individual video loops for band's live sets. In his description, Büyükberber claims the cosmic animated artworks developed through his work in architectural projection mapping performances. Through this work, he began experimenting with “morphogenesis and higher dimensional geometries,” which, in turn, gave life to his design patterns. The animations were used for the first time in 2015 at a show in Arizona, and are now being used in the band's 2016 US tour. Below, you can see the visuals in action accompanying TOOL's performance of their new song, "Descending."

TOOL - Live Visual Set from Can Buyukberber on Vimeo.

Büyükberber hopes to translate his work in architectural mapping performance into a more immersive environment and experience. He is currently working on a full dome and VR piece entitled Morphogenesis, which will be exhibited in June at the Immersion Experience Symposium IX 2016 in Montreal, as well as at Currents New Media Art Festival in Santa Fe and Mire Digital Arts Festival in Berlin.

To look at more work by Can Büyükberber, head over to his website. For more on TOOL and their 2016 tour, click here.


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