Stealing Luxury Cars Has Never Looked So Easy

On this week’s CYBER we talk about a device that can break into luxury vehicles by the push of a button.
February 14, 2020, 12:30pm
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Luxury cars, like everything else in this entire world, including sex toys, pacemakers, firearms, the electric grid, and ISIS, can be hacked. But most people aren't hackers, which is why a device that can automatically break into a keyless entry vehicle by the push of a button is quite useful for car thieves.

The so-called “relay attack” is ideal for the era of increasingly digitized vehicles and requires something called a “keyless repeater” to boost the signal of the keys to a targeted car and ultimately gain entry. After that, it’s as easy as what Wiz Khalifa once said in his famous song "Black & Yellow:" No keys, push to start.

And the keyless repeater is sold online for a few thousand dollars by a man who goes by the alias “EvanConnect” who shared a video of the whole process with Motherboard reporter Joseph Cox. It turns out that his device can specifically be used to hack snazzy cars.

This week on CYBER, Cox is back on the show to tell us about this whole sketchy relay attack and how it all works.