Vigilante Hacker ‘Phineas Fisher’ Denies Working for the Russian Government

In a new book, a veteran cybersecurity reporter wrote that the infamous hacker who embarrassed surveillance vendors FinFisher and Hacking Team may be a Russian government agent. We caught up with Phineas Fisher and broke down the evidence.


It’s Amateur Hour in the World of Spyware and Victims Will Pay the Price

We’re living in the golden age of spyware and government hacking, with companies rushing to join a blossoming billion dollar market. The weakest among us—activists or journalists—will suffer the consequences if we don’t regulate it appropriately.


Hacking Team Hacker Phineas Fisher Has Gotten Away With It

Leaked court documents show that Italian authorities have no idea who hacked the government spyware maker Hacking Team.


Turkey's Government Tried to Hack Hundreds of Protesters Over Twitter, Researchers Say

A new report details a widespread campaign targeting several Turkish activists and protesters, using the infamous government malware made by FinFisher.


Lebanese Government Hackers Hit Thousands of Victims With Incredibly Simple Campaign

Security researchers uncover several years-long espionage and hacking campaigns, pinpointing them to a specific building in Beirut, Lebanon.


Researchers Catch Microsoft Zero-Day Used To Install Government Spyware

A cybersecurity firm has discovered yet another unknown vulnerability used to install government spyware. The vulnerability has now been patched.


Why Did Microsoft Wait Six Months To Patch a Critical Word Zero-Day?

The strange life and afterlife of a Microsoft Word Zero-Day that ended up in the hands of criminal and government hackers.


Government Hackers Used Microsoft Word Zero-Day to Install Spyware on Russian Targets

The hackers exploited the unknown vulnerability to install spyware made by the infamous surveillance company FinFisher.


Court Says Hacking Victim Can’t Sue a Foreign Government For Hacking Him on US Soil

Digital rights activists sued Ethiopia in what they hoped could become a landmark case against government spyware.


Hacker ‘Phineas Fisher’ Speaks on Camera for the First Time—Through a Puppet

A few weeks after his hack on the spy tech company, PhineasFisher sat down to tell us why he did it.


Meet The Cyber Mercenaries Selling Spyware To Governments

These are the world’s most notorious cyber mercenaries, and the lone hacker fighting—and hacking—them.


A Notorious Hacker Is Trying to Start a ‘Hack Back’ Political Movement

Is this the dawn of a new era of politically-motivated hacks?