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A Sheriff Went After These Texans for Their 'FUCK TRUMP' Sticker

The sheriff threatened to charge them with disorderly conduct, leading the ACLU to teach him a lesson in "Constitutional Law 101."
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

​​Weinstein said to hire private investigators to track accusers, ​Trump: North Korea "will all work out," ​​​Air Force flub allowed Texas shooter to buy guns, and more.
VICE Staff
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A Campus Bike Cop Shut Down a Hot Dog Vendor and Took His Cash for Evidence

"Yep, this is law and order in action," the officer says in a video taken of the incident.
Drew Schwartz

What to Do When the Fascists Come to Town

Charlottesville and a newly prominent far right have ignited debates about violence, speech, and the right way to protest against neo-Nazis.
Allie Conti
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Boycotting Israel Could Soon Land You in Prison

A Senate bill with bipartisan support could punish those who avoid purchasing Israeli goods on political grounds with up to 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine.
Drew Schwartz

The Director of 'Tank Girl' Talks 'Wonder Woman' and Misogyny in Hollywood

Cult filmmaker Rachel Talalay had plenty to say about superheroes and how far women filmmakers have come in the past two decades.
Frederick Blichert
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Yes, Jeff Sessions Is Ramping Up the War on Drugs, Again

The attorney general told federal prosecutors to hit defendants with the harshest possible charges in a total reversal of policy under Obama.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump Just Made It Easier for Churches to Back Politicians

Thursday's executive order could also make it harder for workers at religious organizations to get birth control.
Drew Schwartz

RuPaul’s DragCon Is Proof That Drag Queens Will Save Us

The blockbuster convention drew record-breaking attendees and will expand to New York later this year.
Jazper Abellera
political art

75+ Major Artists Are Donating Sub-$200 Works to Benefit the ACLU and IRAP

Robert Longo, Claes Oldenburg, Victoria Burge, Joanne Greenbaum, and Chuck Webster are amongst those participating in 'No Borders.'
Nathaniel Ainley

WEDIDIT's ACLU Benefit Was About Fighting For Our Freedom to Do Whatever We Want

Including doing it doggystyle on the dancefloor.
Jazper Abellera
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Watch these Dutch Dudes Play Live Synths for Eight Hours to Raise Money for the ACLU

Suzanne Kraft, Juju & Jordash, and more are streaming live in a purple-tinged Amsterdam studio.
David Garber