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These Allegations of Child Abuse Against Customs and Border Protection Go On for Tens of Thousands of Pages

One boy said he was threatened with rape if he didn't behave. Several others were allegedly beaten while handcuffed.


The Most Horrifying Allegations in the ACLU’s Newest Family Separation Lawsuit

One young girl was held so long she forgot her native language, according to the suit.


We Talked to the Lawyer Fighting for the Right to Be Trans at Work

The ACLU lawyer representing Aimee Stephens in front of the Supreme Court explains why we should all be watching her case.


Amazon's Facial Recognition Misidentified 1 in 5 California Lawmakers as Criminals

The ACLU tested Rekognition, Amazon's facial recognition technology, on photographs of California lawmakers. It matched 26 of them to mugshots.


ICE Raids Are Coming to 9 Major Cities on Sunday. Here's What You Need to Know.

They're meant to target 2,000 undocumented immigrants who have received deportation orders but will likely result in “collateral” deportations


A Second U.S. City Has Banned Facial Recognition

Somerville, which neighbors Cambridge, Massachusetts, just joined San Francisco in banning the use of facial recognition.


What It’s Like at an Alabama Clinic Still Performing Abortions

At the Alabama Women’s Center, it's business as usual.


Trump Can Keep Sending Asylum Seekers to Mexico While They Await Immigration Hearings, Court Rules

The decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a previous injunction on the administration's policy


Trump policy requiring asylum seekers to stay in Mexico challenged in court

"Asylum seekers who are attacked, kidnapped, or killed in Mexico will be wholly unable to pursue their asylum applications.”


Apple's Security Expert Joined the ACLU to Tackle 'Authoritarian Fever'

Apple security expert Jon Callas, who helped build protection for billions of computers and smartphones against criminal hackers and government surveillance, is now taking on government and corporate spying in the policy realm.


ICE held a Marine veteran with PTSD for 3 days before realizing he was a U.S. citizen

"I almost had a heart attack when I heard that my son was in immigration's hands," his mom said.