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'Storm Area 51' Just Forced This Tiny Nevada County to Vote for a State of Emergency

Lincoln County has just 184 hotel rooms, two gas stations, one grocery store, and one hospital.
Alex Lubben
3 days ago
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Facebook Just Put the "Storm Area 51" Page Back Up

“This was a mistake and the event page is now available again,” a Facebook company spokesperson told VICE News.
Kelly Vinett

Facebook Keeps Shutting Down the "Storm Area 51" Page, But It's Not Going Away

Thousands of people really do want to "storm" the super-secret Air Force base.
Kelly Vinett
area 51

How This Tiny Nevada County Is Preparing for Almost 2 Million Area 51 Truthers

The county has just 184 hotel rooms, two gas stations, one grocery store, and one hospital.
Kelly Vinett

The Air Force Is Not Amused by the Plan to Storm Area 51

More than a million people have responded to a Facebook event for a raid on the mysterious base in southern Nevada
Kelly Vinett
military sexual assault

Sen. Martha McSally, the first female fighter pilot in combat, says she was raped in the military

“I was horrified at how my attempt to share generally my experiences were handled. ​I almost separated from the Air Force"
Carter Sherman
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Air Force commander fired for cock pics in the cockpit

The drawings were immortalized in a montage for the unit’s amusement. The Air Force wasn't amused.
Rex Santus
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Mike Pence Says America's Space Force Will Seek Peace Through Strength

The Space Force is turning out to be the orbital version of the Border Wall.
Becky Ferreira
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New Drone 'Cockpits' Aim to Make Remote Warfare Feel More Real

Improved ergonomics alone can’t lift the moral burden on drone operators far removed from the battlefield, for whom life-or-death decisions are all in a day's work.
David Axe

A hacker stole instructions for Reaper drones and is selling them on the dark web

They're available for as little as $150 worth of bitcoin.
David Gilbert
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Republicans Are Trying to Pull America Out of Another Global Treaty

Experts say depriving Air Force funding for four-engine OC-135 surveillance planes is part of a GOP effort to force the US to withdraw from Open Skies, a 1992 arms-verification treaty.
David Axe
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If you see the Air Force's lost box of grenades, let them know

The Air Force lost a box of grenades. It wants them back.
Alex Lubben