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I Can't Stop Thinking About This Giant 'Astroworld' Baby Head

It's been a few days but one element from Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi's birthday party is still haunting me.
Leslie Horn
grammys 2019

Watch Travis Scott Take Us to Astroworld at This Year's Grammys

The rapper's performance of "Stop Trying to Be God" and "No Bystanders"—with James Blake and Earth, Wind & Fire—follows a fiery spot at the Super Bowl last week.
Colin Joyce
Deep Ass Questions

An Elaborate Theory About What Happened When Travis Scott Fell in That Hole

Let's dive in.
Trey Smith
Dan Ozzi
Noisey News

Watch Nardwuar Freak Sheck Wes Out

The master interviewer popped in on the 'Mudboy' rapper during the ASTROWORLD tour.
Kristin Corry

The Case for Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio

Nicki Minaj reminded us why rap personalities thrive on-air. The identity of black radio and its oral tradition dates back further than the airwaves.
Kristin Corry

Watch Travis Scott and Drake's Incredibly Extra Video for "SICKO MODE"

Drake walks a dog, Travis flies in space, and some other shit happens.
Kristin Corry
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Let's All Watch Travis Scott's Weird and Wonderful 'SNL' Performances

Scott was joined by John Mayer, Kevin Parker, and Mike Dean for an "Astrothunder/Skeletons" medley. He then returned for a very dimly lit "Sicko Mode."
Alex Robert Ross
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Why I Won’t Call Nicki Minaj’s Beefing ‘a Meltdown’

We don’t require male rappers to empower one another, so why should Nicki Minaj play nice?
Melayna Williams
MTV VMAs 2018

Travis Scott's Set At The VMAs Wasn't Long Enough

Why didn't we get an Astroworld extravaganza?
Lawrence Burney
Major Keys

Let's Talk About That Weird Ass Nav Verse on 'ASTROWORLD'

The album cut "Yosemite" shows how rap's recording process has been influenced by the raw sound of mixtapes.
Phil Witmer

You Can't Deny Travis Scott Anymore

With 'ASTROWORLD,' the Houston rapper and noted director of vibes displays a new polish to his best skills.
Lawrence Burney
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Travis Scott Baptizes People in His New "STOP TRYING TO BE GOD" Video

Kylie Jenner is there! So is James Blake! Travis baptizes people?
Shaad D’Souza