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I Watched Activists Crash an Airline Gala to Protest Deporting LGBTQ Asylum Seekers

The British activists chanted "deportation contracts make us sick" as they handed out barf bags to 200 guests, including the CEO of British Airways.
Oscar Rickett

Domestic Abuse Victims in the Migrant Caravan Are Stranded at the US Border

The Trump administration will not allow refugees to claim asylum on the basis of domestic violence. That leaves women like Mirna Yolanda Contreras in limbo.
Andalusia Knoll Soloff

What Trump 'Closing the Border' Might Actually Look Like

The president seems to want to stop asylum seekers from coming to the US—which could spark legal challenges and cause problems at the border.
Harry Cheadle
asylum seekers

Border Patrol Agent Calls Woman Who Impaled Herself on Border Fence 'Very Foolish'

A young mother reportedly impaled herself trying to scale the border fence near the San Ysidro Port of Entry on Sunday.
Marie Solis
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Moms Are Not Happy with Trump

The overwhelming majority of mothers with children under 18 disapprove of the Trump administration's family separation practices in higher numbers than they did any other issue in a recent poll.
Marie Solis
family separation

Toddlers Appearing Unaccompanied in Immigration Court Is Nothing New

The Trump administration has shed light on a longstanding issue in the American immigration system—migrant children have no right to an attorney.
Marie Solis

Activists Call for Investigation of Sexual Abuse at Texas Detention Center

Dozens of immigrant women who have been separated from their children by the Trump administration reportedly reside in T. Don Hutto Residential Center, which has a history of sexual abuse allegations.
Marie Solis

30 Years of Data Shows Asylum Seekers Are Not an Economic Burden

A new study shows that giving migrants pathways to citizenship in European countries actually results in positive economic impacts, while asylum seekers don’t have a negative impact.
Daniel Oberhaus

Microsoft, an ICE Tech Partner, 'Dismayed' by Child Separation Policy

After Twitter users pointed out Microsoft’s relationship with ICE, the tech giant is publicly distancing itself from the agency's parent-child separations.
Joseph Cox

Jeff Sessions Could Determine the Fate of Countless Abused Women. We Should Be Terrified

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to take domestic abuse off the list of reasons for allowing asylum in the US. In doing so, he would send untold numbers of women back to their abusers.
Chris Gelardi

Seven Years of Syria

VICE traveled to the Syria-Lebanon border to meet teen refugees whose youth has been destroyed by war.
Maddison Connaughton

Eating Through Hong Kong's 'Little India'

At Hong Kong's gritty Chungking Mansions, where the city's asylum seekers and refugees regularly gather, prosperity is fading fast.
Justin Heifetz​​