4 days ago

Beijing Thinks Washington Has 'Sinister Intentions to Destroy' Hong Kong

China accused the U.S. of a "naked double standard" after the House passed two bills in support of pro-democracy protests.


China Called the App Hong Kongers Use to Avoid Tear Gas 'Poisonous.' So Apple Removed It.

Chinese officials criticized the company for permitting the crowd-sourced app, which Beijing says is being used to "target and ambush police."


An NBA Fan Was Ejected from a Game in Philly for Yelling 'Free Hong Kong'

The Sixers fan echoed the NBA exec's tweet that sparked an international incident with China


A Hong Kong Teen Protester Is In Critical Condition After Police Shot Him in the Chest

It's the first time a protester has been shot by a live round since demonstrations began in June, and it has overshadowed National Day celebrations.


China Used Twitter Porn Bots to Spread Disinformation About the Hong Kong Protests

It also used long-standing accounts linked to K-pop and sports in a “blunt-force influence operation" to discredit the pro-democracy protests.


Hong Kong Police Have Started Arresting Pro-Democracy Protest Leaders

Activists say it's an attempt to intimidate protesters ahead of another weekend of demonstrations. They also say it won't work.


Chinese Military Vehicles Just Entered Hong Kong. Beijing Says There’s Nothing to Worry About.

Armored personnel carriers and armed helicopters crossed the border into Hong Kong, in what China insists are regular military exercises.


A Gun Shot and Water Cannons: Hong Kong Protests Are Getting Scary

The police and protesters ramped up the violence significantly in the latest weekend of pro-Democracy protests.


YouTube Just Kicked Hundreds of Chinese Propaganda Channels Offline

But Hong Kongers warn that there are still plenty of YouTube channels that push Beijing's anti-protest narrative and spread misinformation.


How China Used Facebook and Twitter to Bombard Hong Kong With Propaganda

The platforms suspended hundreds of accounts they say were used in a state-run campaign to discredit pro-democracy protests.


China Just Labeled The Hong Kong Protesters As “Terrorists”

It's stoking fears of a Chinese military intervention, as the protests rage on and troops gather on the border.


China Says it's Ready for War if the U.S. Keeps Pushing for Taiwanese Independence

Beijing is accusing the U.S., which recently approved a $2.2 billion arms sale to Taiwan, of destabilizing the region.