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This Algorithm Finds Ways to Make Life-Saving Drugs While Avoiding Patents

The researchers expect the algorithm will be used to both create stronger patents and navigate around existing pharmaceutical patents.
Daniel Oberhaus
Eat This

Compromised Ethics Run Rampant in Nutrition Research

Marion Nestle's new book lays out a disturbing reality about food studies.
Paul D. Thacker
High Wire

Big Pharma's Opioid Greed Was Even Worse Than We Thought

"The Sackler family is just as shameless, and only marginally less ruthless, than the drug cartels."
Maia Szalavitz
big pharma

23andMe Sold Access to Your DNA Library to Big Pharma, But You Can Opt Out

23andMe customers can opt out of the program, but that misses the point.
Daniel Oberhaus

We Asked People to Share the Craziest Things They've Done on Ambien

They told us stories about cutting holes in walls, Chewbacca, and shaved pubic hair. No racist tweets, though.
Justin Caffier
true crime

We Asked Inmates How Martin Shkreli Will Get Treated in Prison

The infamous pharma bro just asked to be placed in a minimum-security "camp" facility. Here's what current federal prisoners think he has coming.
Seth Ferranti

New 'Reactionware' 3D Printing System Spits Out Pharmaceuticals On-Demand

The door is open for making drugs on-site in doctors' offices, or even in space.
Michael Byrne

Big Pharma Spent Millions to Curb Talk of High Drug Prices

Last year, the pharma industry’ biggest trade group raised a fortune to change the conversation about drug pricing.
Jay Hancock, Kaiser Health News

You'll No Longer Need a Prescription to Get Viagra in the UK

The manufacturer was coy about whether the US is next.
Jesse Hicks
big pharma

Maryland Has a Plan to Fight Soaring Drug Prices

It could provide a cut-and-paste model for the rest of the country to follow.
Jason Silverstein
mental health

Risky Drugs Are Being Marketed to People With Mental Health Issues

"There is egregious overmedication with very dangerous antipsychotics for people who don't need them."
Daniel Oberhaus
drug pricing

Bernie Sanders Proposes Rule to Lower Prices of Drugs Developed with Tax Dollars

It would require pharma companies to charge fair prices for drugs that result from federally funded research.
Jesse Hicks