border security

border security

This Congressman Wants to Build a ‘Digital’ Border Wall that Would Also Provide Rural Broadband

Congressman Will Hurd is the only Republican representing a district along the border, and he wants to use technological solutions to secure the border and possibly close the digital divide.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Gamblers Made $270,000 Betting That Trump Would Lie a Bunch in His Address

"We knew we were in trouble early with this one," a bookmaker said.
River Donaghey

Muslim-American Woman Says TSA Forced Her to Show Them Her Bloody Pad

In a complaint filed by the ACLU, 27-year-old Zainab Merchant claims that TSA agents subjected her to a two-year program of enhanced, intrusive, and humiliating security checks at airports around the US, simply for being a Muslim-American.
Sirin Kale
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Can We Stop Pretending Donald Trump's Speeches Are Interesting?

A much-hyped speech on immigration was just a rehash of the same build-the-wall-and-deport-them-all rhetoric he's been spouting all year.
Harry Cheadle

How Technology Could Facilitate and then Destroy Legal Immigration

We need some authoritative measures to guarantee safe and effective immigration. But then, the robots come.
Zoltan Istvan

The Future of Border Securing Technology Is Here and It’s Terrifying

Drones, 3D holograms, cameras with body heat detection, and a 360-degree radar surveillance.
Meredith Hoffman
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What It Would Take for Donald Trump to Build the Great Wall of America

Building a wall between the US and Mexico isn't a military project—but it will have to be.
Alix Jean-Pharuns

The US Gov Can Download the Entire Contents of Your Computer at Border Crossings

According to Homeland Security docs, travelers have little right to privacy at United States borders.
Alex Richardson
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Does the US-Mexico Border Really Need 24/7 Drone Service?

When it comes to securing one of the most volatile and heavily-trafficked borders in the world, it's not as simple as just throwing more Predators at the problem.
Brian Anderson