Poachers Are Fueling the Succulent Black Market By Stealing From State Parks

People can’t stop digging wild plants out of the dirt so they can resell them to other succulent fanatics.


A Booming Black Market Is Putting Many Cacti Species in Danger

Conservation scientists found that 261 out of 1,438 cactus species are unprotected by preserves or conservation regulations, putting them more at risk than mammals and birds.


The Psychedelic Cactus Giving People a Spiritual High

'HAMILTON'S PHARMACOPEIA' seeks out the San Pedro cactus in the Andes on the season finale of the VICELAND show.


Watch This DJ Make Trap Music Using a Cactus

The weirdest thing about this is that he is not the first to use a succulent to make some sweet tunes.


This Week in Food Porn: Polenta and Puffball Mushrooms

Here is the very best of this week’s Instagram food porn, delivered straight to your palm like a steaming box off the steaming back of a Deliveroo driver.


Floral Oil Paintings Look Like Intricately-Squeezed Icing

Artist Caroline Larsen creates colorful paintings of birds of paradise and cacti by extruding oil paints like frosting.


3D Printed Popsicles Turn Cacti And Disease Into Tasty Treats

Thanks to 3D printing, you can now eat your fears in the form of Wei Li's frozen treats.


The Best Mexican Grocery Stores Are Usually Hidden

I'm a huge fan of secret grocery stores, piñatas, and Mexican food, which I was convinced didn't exist until reality recently proved me wrong. My friend, Mars Ostarello, guided me through a secret Mexican grocery store tucked inside of a deli.


Goodbye, Alexander Shulgin

There is absolutely no question Shulgin was a unique visionary and extraordinary chemist. But it would be a mistake to think that his career was the product of an entirely unique understanding of chemistry—and that was his greatest power.


A Neo-Aztec in Mexico City

In Mexico City, Aztec culture is not just scattered ruins, jade masks hung in museums, or 'concheros' dressed in colorful feathers dancing and offering to pose with tourists in the city’s main plaza. The “race of bronze” can still be seen in the faces...


Cracking Cryptocacti

The Cactus of the Four Winds is rumored to possess supernatural curative powers. I searched for a wild specimen of the cryptocacti in Lima, Peru.


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