If 3.5% of the US Gets on Board With Climate Protesting, Change Will Happen

So says the data-driven philosophy of Extinction Rebellion, which is staging demonstrations all around the world.


The Indian Government Is Trying to Erase the Citizenship of Millions. Climate Change Might Get There First

An entire community of Bengali Muslims faces an uncertain future amidst rising anti-Muslim sentiment in India, which has only been made worse by the threat of their land being washed away.


Climate Protesters Used a Fire Hose to Spray Fake Blood. It Didn't Go so Well.

There's more fake blood on these bystanders than there is on the U.K. Treasury in London.


Nationalism Is an Environmental Disaster

Blind nationalism is the enemy of the environment and the climate, and it's about much more than a border wall.


Melting Ice and Rising Seas Are Already Forcing People to Leave Their Homes

A quarter of the world's population lives in areas where climate change could force them to move, potentially devastating communities and economies around the globe, says a new IPCC report.


France’s Macron Is on a Mission to Save the Amazon — With or Without Bolsonaro’s Help

In an interview with VICE News, France President Emmanuel Macron explains why France is giving $100 million to save tropical rainforests.


We Need to Talk About a Planned Retreat from Climate Disaster Zones Now

Communities globally are already engaged in the thorny process of relocating because of climate change. Experts say we need to talk about a managed retreat now, so that it doesn't become a nightmare.


New, Dire Climate Models Say the Planet Warms Faster Than We Thought

Two new models say the Earth is even more sensitive to emissions than we thought, and humanity has to work even harder to meet Paris agreement targets.


Amazon Strikers Say Bezos’ Climate Pledge Is ‘Not Enough’

Amazon just pledged to reach the Paris agreement goal of zero carbon emissions 10 years early. Employees say they will still walk out on Friday.


Here's a Heartbreaking Look at What Dorian Did to the Bahamas

The first flyovers of the Bahamas show roads, cars, homes, and an airport that appear to be almost entirely underwater.


Floods Nearly Wiped This Iowa Town Off the Map. It May Never Come Back.

Pacific Junction was founded as a rail transfer hub nearly 150 years ago. It could disappear forever once FEMA starts buying destroyed homes.


A Climate Debate Could Still Happen — if 2020 Democrats Revolt Against Their Own Party

Activists are pressuring the candidates to insist on a climate debate in spite of the DNC.