Environmental Groups Have Sued the Trump Administration 93 Times Since Inauguration

From freedom of information requests to substantial challenges to policies, conservation groups are using legal muscle in a big way.
Kaleigh Rogers

Protecting Golfers from Wasps Is Part of a Golf Course’s ‘Duty,’ Rules California Court

A woman sued after she nearly died at a golf course when a swarm of yellow jackets attacked her.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Bail Algorithms Are As Accurate As Random People Doing an Online Survey

Algorithms like COMPAS that predict recidivism have flooded the criminal justice system—but do they work?
Jordan Pearson
net neutrality

22 States Are Suing the FCC For Repealing Net Neutrality

This is the first of what is expected to be multiple lawsuits challenging the agency’s vote last year.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Why the Battle Over Trump's Court Appointees is a Game-Changer

With Republicans pushing through record numbers of Trump’s federal judicial nominees, polarization may threaten the federal bench. Here’s what you can do at the federal and state levels.
Molly Bangs
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Trump Is Outraged an Undocumented Immigrant Just Got Acquitted of Murder

The president called the verdict "disgraceful" after making Kate Steinle's killing a centerpiece of his border wall proposal.
Drew Schwartz

A Wellness Blogger Who Lied About Having Cancer Has Been Fined $322,000

Belle Gibson admitted in 2015 that it was all bull.
Kaleigh Rogers
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FBI Nabs Anti-Government Extremist in Foiled Oklahoma City Bomb Plot

Jerry Drake Varnell allegedly subscribed to "Three Percenter" ideology and hoped to "cripple the government" with the blast by targeting a local bank.
Drew Schwartz
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This Absurdist Courtroom Sim Takes Justice Out of the System

'Murder Dog IV: The Trial of Murder Dog' revels in the arbitrariness of justice.
Cameron Kunzelman

Backlogged US Courts Are Stranding Asylum Seekers in Detention

There's a massive pile of deportation cases, and a severe shortage of judges. That leaves some vulnerable people stuck behind bars.
Beth Winegarner
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Texas Court Puts Same-Sex Couples' Spousal Benefits at Risk

The state's highest court ruled that same-sex couples don't have a guaranteed right to marriage benefits.
Drew Schwartz
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The Woman Who Gave Water to a Thirsty Pig Won’t Go to Jail

The Canadian case drew a contentious argument over animal welfare and property rights.
Kaleigh Rogers