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Evidence That You've Taken a Game a Little Too Seriously

Detailed notes, spreadsheets, endless record-keeping... the things that reveal a game has become a way of life.
Rob Zacny
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The Humanizing Quality of Music in Harmony Korine's 'Gummo'

A sonic reading of a cult classic that came out 20 years ago and has continued to piss people off ever since.
Emma Garland
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Calvin Harris and His Endless Quest for the Sound of the Summer

It's not even fair how close he comes to musical satisfaction without *quite* hitting the spot.
Brandi Fullwood
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How Aqua's "Cartoon Heroes" Became One of the Most Expensive Videos Ever

...Is what I wanted to find out, but nobody would speak to me about it so here are a few guesses instead.
Emma Garland
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The 'Punk Goes…' Series Sucks and I Love It

Adam Lazzara covering Cyndi Lauper shouldn't be this good but just is, don't fight it.
Lauren O'Neill
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Neon, Smoke, and Mirrors: Why So Many Moody-Ass Videos Look Alike

How everyone from Fall Out Boy and Busted to Carly Rae Jepsen fell for neon piping, pastel colors and ~meaningful~ fog.
Marianne Eloise
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How and Why Has "Mr Brightside" Never Left the UK Charts?

An Important Roundtable Discussion.
Noisey UK Staff

How Exactly Did Enya Become One of the Richest Musicians in the World?

Have you ever wondered how a reclusive Irish new age artist outsold Aretha Franklin?
Josh Baines

A Secret History of Movies, Monsters, and Electronic Music

The author of a study of how monsters irradiate our thinking about queerness, disability, children, and adolescents, talks us through the sounds of his new book.
Charlie Fox

The Crazy Frog Fan Community Is One of the Creepiest Things I’ve Ever Stumbled Across

The year is 2016, and the little blue amphibian still has legions of weirdly devoted fans.
Josh Baines

Here's Why British Nightlife Needs to Explore New Places and Different Spaces to Survive

We use Manchester's ever-changing Northern Quarter to explore the growing importance of the non-traditional in UK club culture.
Kamila Rymajdo

The Depressing Story of America’s Favorite Pump-Up Jam

C&C Music Factory's "Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" is still the go-to anthem for sports games everywhere—but its legacy is at the center of a bitter, decades-long legal battle.
Katie Bain