hurricane florence

North Carolina’s poor had barely recovered from Hurricane Matthew. Then came Florence.

“We’re at a standstill,” said Rory Parker, whose home was destroyed in Matthew. “We’re done, tapped out of money.”
Charlie McGee

Disaster Planning Often Leaves Disabled People Behind

Disabled people, older adults, and parents of young children all have specific needs that aren't always well addressed in disaster planning—sometimes with horrific results.
s.e. smith

New Estimate Puts Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria Death Toll at Nearly 5,000

The official number still sits at 64, but new research shows the number may be more than 70 times higher.
Sophie Kleeman
Let Me Google That For You

I Tried Answering the Top Googled Question: 'Why Are We Still Here?'

It's the word "still" that makes it poignant.
Sam Nichols
Inside Outsider

What It's Like to Be a Freelance War Photographer

Australia's Luke Cody explains how he manages fear in some of the world's most intense conflict zones.
Mahmood Fazal
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What Puerto Rico Can Teach Us About Surviving Climate Change

“Maria didn’t cause everything. Maria just revealed to the world how we are living."
Jane Palmer
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Climate change is killing this Alaskan village

In just four days there, VICE witnessed the loss of 10 feet of land.
Arielle Duhaime-Ross
Jika Gonzalez
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How to Build a Fallout Shelter Using Nothing but IKEA Furniture

"Obviously, real wood would be better. But that's better than nothing," an expert in disaster preparedness told me.
Nick Greene
Puerto Rico

A Messy FEMA Event in Puerto Rico Sparked Confusion and Rage

"They treat us like we're animals or something."
Bianca Fortis
Daily Buzzkill

There’s No Such Thing as a Purely Natural Disaster Anymore

Trump’s policies seem scientifically engineered to put as many people in harm’s way as possible.
Jason Silverstein

Everyone chill, Yellowstone’s “supervolcano” won't end humanity

Alex Lubben
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Trump's Response to Puerto Rico Is Shameful

FEMA is delivering aid, and Trump has promised to visit. But as you might expect, the president is making a horrible situation worse with bizarre, defensive statements.
Eve Peyser