Hacker Discovers Way to Cheat in Zwift, the Virtual Bike Racing Exercise Game

Security researcher Brad Dixon found a way to cheat Zwift, the half-game half-cycling trainer, into thinking he's a superstar athlete.
Joseph Cox
food news

Scientists Say Chemical Found in Spinach Is Basically a Steroid, Should Be Banned for Athletes

Tired: blaming boner pills for your doping allegations. Wired: blaming a salad!
Jelisa Castrodale

An Ex-Pro Soccer Player Explains How Easy It Is to Dope

"I was only tested once throughout my entire career, while some players I knew were never tested at all."
Ferdinand Dyck
The Treachery of T-Shirts

Russian Sledder in "I Don't Do Doping" Shirt Busted for Doping

Olympic athlete Nadezhda Sergeeva tested positive for a banned heart medication. This is a huge surprise. She had the shirt and everything.
Sean Newell
2018 olympics

Russia Banned from 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

As a penalty for a systemic doping scheme, the Russian flag will not fly and the national anthem will not be played in Pyeongchang next February.
Sean Newell

Iditarod Dogs Test Positive for Opioids

FIDO-PING: Four-time winner Dallas Seavey had four dogs test positive for painkillers.
Sean Newell
dog racing

Coked-Up Greyhounds Are Still a Problem in the Dog-Racing Industry

Doping in the dog racing world has decreased in recent years, but it's still happening throughout the UK and Ireland.
Max Daly
Lance Armstrong

In Search of Lance Armstrong's Staunchest Supporters

More than four years after publicly admitting to doping, Lance Armstrong remains an outcast in the cycling world. But some of his supporters have stayed loyal to the disgraced American. What has kept them on side through so much turmoil?
Alex Warnakulasuriya

Report: Entire Russian 2014 World Cup Squad to Face FIFA Doping Investigation

A total of 34 players—including the 23 from Brazil—are said to be under investigation after several "irregularities" were found in their urine samples.
Liam Daniel Pierce
alberto salazar

Alberto Salazar Denies Doping Allegations

The Nike Oregon Project leader, who has come under fire recently for reported doping violations, strongly denied any wrongdoing.
Sean Newell

Maria Sharapova Won't Get a French Open Wild Card

Sharapova needed an invite to compete in the French Open after returning to tennis from a 15-month ban for doping, but the French Tennis Federation said 'non.'
Caitlin Kelly

What Maria Sharapova's Return Means for the WTA

Maria Sharapova is back from a 15-month doping ban, and given the current landscape of the WTA Tour, she may be back on top of women's tennis sooner rather than later.
Lindsay Gibbs