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Why Eating Disorders Affect Body Odor

Some sufferers say they observe a smell like Play-Doh, others say it's more like ammonia.
Maggie Coggan
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A Surprising Number of Nutrition Students Struggle with Eating Disorders

We spoke to four people involved in health education about why studying nutrition can be so unhealthy.
Sam Nichols
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A Guy Addicted to Swallowing Metal Had 40 Knives Removed from His Gut

"I just enjoyed its taste and I was addicted."
VICE Staff

How SWERY’s Reactive Hypoglycemia Manifests Itself In His Video Games

The Japanese developer was diagnosed with the eating condition in 2015—but it was informing how his games' characters behaved long before then.
Laura Kate Dale

I Inherited My Anorexic Mother's Fear of Food

If I ate breakfast one day, I wasn't allowed to eat until lunch the next, and then dinner the following. With swollen cheeks, I feared blood on my toothbrush. It never felt as if I got "everything" out.
Rose Thomas

How My Diabetes Gave Me An Eating Disorder

For Type 1 diabetics, restricting insulin is like a magic bullet for weight loss. But the consequences can be devastating and deadly.
Helena Busiakiewicz

The Unhealthy Truth Behind 'Wellness' and 'Clean Eating'

My eating disorder had once looked very different, and then I found wellness—but I was not well.
Ruby Tandoh

Why That Saint Laurent Ad Is Banned in the UK

We talked with an official at the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK about how they determine whether an ad could cause offense or harm, and what happens when they try to stop it from getting printed.
Roisin Kiberd

My Eating Disorder Had Nothing to Do with Barbie or the Media

A lot of people with an eating disorder will find the idea that it's caused by Barbies or supermodels insulting and patronizing. It's a mental illness, not a bad case of vanity.
Amelia Tait
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Read an Excerpt from Sarah Gerard's New Novel About Bulimia

Read a selection from Sarah Gerard's new, fearlessly blunt novel about a young woman struggling with bulimia.
Sarah Gerard
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A 20-Year-Old Went to Rehab and Came Home in a Body Bag

Ted Jacques enrolled his son, Brandon, in what he thought was the "best treatment center money could buy." Two months later, Brandon was dead.
Wilbert L. Cooper

Everyone in Portland Is Gluten Intolerant

And other stories of America's bizarre relationship with food.
Peter Brown Hoffmeister